Summa Geschichte

Sie sind hier, um sich inspirieren zu lassen, sich beeindrucken zu lassen, Ihr technisches Know-how zu erweitern und vor allem über die Massen hinaus zu ragen. Siehen Sie sich unsere Summa-Geschichten an und lassen Sie sich überraschen.

First Summa flatbed cutter ever sold continues to be trustworthy partner for finishing

Author: Daphne Mertens   Datum: 

Take a look at the very first Summa flatbed cutter sold in 2010. Chosen for its versatility and cutting precision, the F1612 continues to be a trustworthy partner for this printing company. Read more on how it convinced them to purchase two additional Summa flatbed cutters shortly after.

High accuracy on flatbed cutters achieved easily with the ADC

Author: Jemarie Noyez   Datum: 

The key to achieving the ideal cut which is highly accurate, straight and cuts just deep enough, depends on the knife orientation and knife depth. Instead of setting this manually and checking it with the bare eye, this feature does it all automatically for you.

Me & My Summa: How Deco Retail Solutions creates lasting impressions with perfect finishing

Author: Daphne Mertens   Datum: 

It has been about a year since the in Cumming, Georgia-based graphics and décor manufacturing company, Deco Retail Solutions, purchased a Summa flatbed finishing cutter, the F1832, via Summa America’s direct partner, Athens Paper. Time for a follow-up.

Faces behind Summa: Meet Summa's Order Entry department

Author: Daphne Mertens   Datum: 

Faces Behind Summa was created to give you a sneak peek of Summa behind the scenes. It is our pleasure to present to you our diligent team from the Order Entry department, a department that can easily be considered the cornerstone of the company.

Top 5 business opportunities to enhance your business with a flatbed cutter

Author: Daphne Mertens   Datum: 

The art of cutting doesn’t need to be complicated. With the current technology, you can obtain unsurpassed accuracy by means of automated cutting systems. In this article, we give an insight into the possibilities and benefits of flatbed cutters.