About us

Every day, for nearly three decades, Summa has delivered the world’s highest-quality vinyl and contour cutters, finishing flatbeds and laser cutters without compromise.

Summa America building
Our Commitment

We will never stop looking for the next innovative, precision product for the printing, outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, sign making and textile industries. We will never stop listening to what our customers want for their businesses. And we will never stop delivering premier customer service alongside legendary performance. We are committed to keep manufacturing products of the highest possible standards and to continuously improve our organizational processes. This has been officially recognized by obtaining our ISO 9001: 2015 certification, showing that Summa is dedicated to meet and exceed customers’ and business partners' expectations and further enhance the credibility of Summa worldwide.

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   Summa Certificate ISO 9001:2015 - ENG

Summa Belgium factory
Our Foundations

In 1987, a Belgian division of Houston Instruments, that had assembled recording devices for the manufacture of precision optical lenses since the early 1970s, began modifying pen-plotters for the use in vinyl-cutting applications. In the nineties under Summagraphics (Headquarters: Houston,TX) and Calcomp (Headquarters: Anaheim,CA), vinyl cutting equipment was booming. In 1999 the division became independent and raised its Headquarters in Seattle, WA: Summa Inc. , while development and production remained in Gistel, Belgium.

With our new investor (www.gimv.com), Summa is headquartered in Belgium and from August 2017, Summa America LLC (Boston, MA) is responsible for the American territory.

Along the way, we’ve revolutionized the cutting technology and have become a recognized global leader in our industry. Learn more about our company in the history timeline.