Top 5 business opportunities to enhance your business with a flatbed cutter

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The art of cutting doesn’t need to be complicated. With the current technology, you can obtain unsurpassed accuracy by means of automated cutting systems. In this article, we give an insight into the possibilities and benefits of flatbed cutters can bring your business.

1. When size matters

Jobs come in all sizes – small and large - and they all require proper finishing. However, both intricate small jobs and larger than life-sized jobs take up a lot of time, effort and skills to finish manually. This is exactly the point where a flatbed cutter can come in “handy” to not only save you precious time but money as well.

With the current technology, you can obtain excellent accuracy by means of automated cutting systems. Especially when you want to cut a wide variety of substrates and applications, a flatbed cutter would be your best choice to make. But the choice within Summa’s range of flatbed cutters is plentiful, so how can you decide which size suits best for your type of business?

Ask yourself the following questions before you decide which size to choose:

  • What is your core business; do you focus on specific applications or as many as possible?
  • How flexible would you like to be in offering new applications/solutions?
  • Which material sizes do you process most frequently?
  • How much do you want to invest?
  • How much space do you have for a flatbed cutter?
  • Anything else you want to consider?

If you need personal advice to help you decide which flatbed size is best for your business, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced sales team.

2. Prepare your business for a large variety of jobs

If you aspire to grow your business and achieve greater heights, you have to be ready to take on any job. Whether this means cutting 1.000 magnetic stickers of the same size or rigid board material for an upcoming sale your customer wants to promote, you need a method, a system that is cut out for any job, each time again.

Video courtesy of Sign + Digital Materials. Watch the complete video below.

Usually, a flatbed system can hold a wide range of tools with a modular tooling system, enabling to tailor the cutter to everyone’s need. The modules on Summa’s F Series flatbed systems can hold up to three tools at once, meaning up to three (different) techniques can be performed in the same job.

This way, an endless gamut of substrates can be processed in an instant. The list below is merely a fragment of what a Summa flatbed can finish for you:

  • Corrugated boards
  • Foamboards
  • MDF boards
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Magnetic materials
  • Dibond
  • Roll material
  • Textiles (Mesh fabrics, flags, banners,…)


3. Optimize your workflow with these media handling features

Choosing a flatbed cutter means adapting a new workflow and saving time. Did you know that your future flatbed cutter has many included features to enhance productivity? Spending one week on a single job will belong to the past with these stunning features!

Get your production up and running with the following standard features:

  • Vacuum System to hold the material in place: Thanks to this system with air suction, the material is held down on the table whilst processing to avoid any distortion of the material.
  • Conveyor System for a controlled feed of the media: A conveyor belt secured around the table in combination with pneumatically-driven media clamps enable to cut large material lengths and make large production runs a child’s play.
  • Roll Support System for roll-to-roll jobs: Combined with the Conveyor System, the Roll Support System is ideal for processing roll material on flatbed models of any size. The Roll Support System is placed at the back and will hold the rolls sturdy in place at all times.

However, the ambitious Summa team likes to go the extra mile with following unique features, included in all standard Summa F Series flatbed cutting solutions:

  • Tandem Mode to work side by side: With this mode, the active working area can be divided into front and back processing areas, enabling the user to load and unload material on one end of the table while cutting material on the other end. The active loading area alternates between the front and the back, avoiding any idle period. (Available on the F1330, F1832, F2630, F3232)
  • Operator Zone: This feature divides the working area into two separate zones, a cut only and an operator zone. All material is fed forward to the operator zone automatically. As the cutting head doesn’t move any further than the cut zone, the operator has access to the processed material safely at the front of the machine.
  • Poster Trim: This feature ensures posters can be cut without the need for any cutting data information. The built-in camera system on all F Series sizes automatically scans the black printed frames and starts to cut immediately.

4. Automated options to make your workflow even more efficient

If you want to boost efficiency, these automated Summa options will help to deliver fast with uncompromised quality.

  • Automated Depth Control (ADC): this feature is available on all F Series models and simplifies tool, knife or bit changes significantly. The ADC measures the tip of the knife or bit accurately and sets the down position of the tool to the level of the table, ensuring the best settings are always used to get the most optimal cut quality. This is a unique feature in the market.
  • Barcode recognition: while barcode recognition boosts ease of use, it also takes the complexity out of the finishing job. Our barcode option sets up the device automatically by reading the barcode on the material and recognizing the entire job. With this barcode option, the machine can be left unattended whilst cutting large rolls of material (overnight), cutting continuously, job after job.

    Watch the complete video on Summa's Youtube.

5. Flatbed cutters are developed to facilitate jobs, ease of use is key here

If you are tired of complicated systems and software, the Summa flatbeds offer the following solutions:

  • GoProduce Software: In-house software module, easily tailored to the functionalities you use the most.
  • F-Performance: The F-Performance mode will ensure the performance of the F Series flatbed finishing systems will increase up to 40%. Advantages include faster up, down and turning movements of the cutting head, which will be most remarkable when using the Kiss-cutting tool. Also, feeding material will happen significantly faster. The job will be finished practically twice as fast without compromising an inch on quality. The F-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines via and as payable unlock on older F Series models, built before 2018.
  • Maintenance: All Summa products, the F Series flatbed cutters included, are known for their robustness, durability and longevity. With a new Summa product, you are set for many years to come and you can keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum thanks to their top-quality build.

All the above advantages and many more lead to a print and cut workflow, fitting seamlessly into each other and offering endless solutions to many industries, such as the sign making, soft signage, and digital print industries.  

With the F Series, Summa offers a robust, versatile and flexible finishing solution that cuts about any material, resulting in an unmatched finishing quality, which will help companies to increase their productivity optimally and simply become ‘a cut above the rest’

These owners are already convinced of the huge benefits a Summa flatbed cutter can bring to your workflow!
Video courtesy of Sign + Digital Materials.

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