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The successor

SummaFlex Pro 2 is the successor of the previous SummaFlex Pro, a front-end application software with job preparation and post-processor for the Summa F Series.

The basic workflow remains the same, consisting of a design, a printer and a cutter. However, with the SFP2 workflow, these separate elements are working together more closely, providing a workflow that is even more user-friendly than ever before. Also, the improved user-interface will add considerable value to the overall easiness in use of the flatbed finishing system.  This way both the SummaFlex Pro 2 software and the F Series finishing flatbed cutter form a coherent whole to offer most versatile cutting solutions.

Material Database

In combination with the optional Material Database, the SFP2 software will offer you premium user-friendliness and a fully transparent workflow.  Before, it was necessary to know the type of machine and the specific tools you would need during the design phase. Thanks to the SFP2 workflow, in combination with the Material Database, these days the designer only needs to think of what kind of results he wants to achieve. Whether this would be a cut, a crease, a fold, a perforate etc.

In the SFP2 workflow, the design is imported into the RIP where the material is chosen for the job. As the desired method has already been selected in the design phase, the material database of SummaFlex Pro 2 will automatically assign the necessary tools and settings, related to the previously selected method and material. The software will automatically adjust its actions/settings entirely to the operator’s specific needs.

An additional bonus is that you will be able to personalize your material database at all time, as it will be a piece of cake to adapt, fine-tune or add new material. SummaFlex Pro 2 can thus provide you with an ever-growing material database, capable of processing your material automatically.

Enjoy the full benefits

The SummaFlex Pro 2 software is available upon purchase of a Summa flatbed finishing system (F Series).  With a one-time additional purchase of the material database you can enjoy the full benefits of the new SummaFlex Pro 2 software.  Should you already have Summa flatbed finishing systems, there is no need to worry as the SFP2 software is futureproof.  Simply add ‘more flow to your work’, by purchasing the upgrade to SummaFlex Pro 2.

If you want to see Summa’s newest features in action, don’t hesitate and register to the following link to receive free entry to the Fespa Berlin exhibition during its 4 open days (15-18 May)!  The Summa team will be welcoming you on their booth B21 in hall 4.2.

Do you or someone you know have an exciting story to tell about your Summa? Do you make remarkable creations with your Summa or do you simply want to share your Summa experience with the world? If so, feel free to send an email to [email protected] with a short introduction of yourself accompanied by photos and we will take care of the rest.

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