Summa Stories

Let’s cut to the chase. You are here to be inspired, to be awed, to broaden your technical know-how and most of all to be(come) a cut above the rest. Check out our Summa stories and let us share our slice of Summa with you.

The road to excellent, high-quality routing: simplified

Author: Randi Kerkaert   Date: 

To many a person, at first sight, the art of routing might be taken a bit too lightly. However, the truth is routing is easy to set up and start with, but rather difficult to master. Let us try to bring back the black art of routing into the light by simplifying things a bit.

I 'tech' you to the moon and back

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

To some of us - the ones born sometime before today’s Millennials - it might seem like it happened yesterday, but meanwhile, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of the very first Moon landing, which took place on the 20th of July in 1969. Find out how Summa fits into this Space Odyssey.

Get up to speed with the F-Performance mode

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

Exceeding its customers' expectations by staying as close as possible to their goals and desires is one of Summa's key aspirations. The F-Performance mode is just one of the many features on Summa's F Series that makes these flatbeds to what they really are: exceptionally good.

Me & My Summa: Why this cross-media print & graphics production invested in Summa technology

Author: printMAX   Date: 

To join its portfolio of carefully selected technology, including three Roland roll-to-roll printers – two Versacamms and one Soljet Pro 4 XR-640 – Essex-based cross-media print & graphics production company The Wrap Shop, recently invested in a flatbed Summa F series cutter from printMAX.

Me & My Summa: Window film applications finished to perfection (Update 2019)

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

CD Design Glasfolie, a Dutch leading specialist in window films, increases productivity and extends its customer portfolio thanks to the purchase of two Summa F1612 flatbed finishing solutions. Read the full story on how Summa helped optimizing their workflow.