Summa Stories

Let’s cut to the chase. You are here to be inspired, to be awed, to broaden your technical know-how and most of all to be(come) a cut above the rest. Check out our Summa stories and let us share our slice of Summa with you.

Me & My Summa: Print & design shop responds quicker to market demands with in-house cutter

Author: Bruce Craig   Date: 

Broderick Print & Design, a family run business in New Zealand, with more than 100 years’ experience in the printing and packaging industry in the sales team alone, has chosen Summa to help them respond to the market’s demand quicker and with high-quality finished products.

"GoProduce" with the right software

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

Whenever you feel like optimizing your workflow, facilitating the work of the F Series' operator and, at the same time, securing outstanding rentability at the F Series production sites, you simply cannot ignore Summa's new in-house software module: GoProduce

Summa embarks on a laser journey, but what does that mean for you?

Author: Jemarie Noyez   Date: 

Exciting times are ahead as Summa branches out with another cutting (edge) solution. But what exactly does that mean for you?

Summa & VIVES college

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

A few weeks ago a number of VIVES students honoured us with their visit to our company. Are you curious to find out how the students experienced their fascinating journey amongst our Summa products and how it helped them to trigger interest in technical skills, then read the full story here.

Me & My Summa: Create finishing solutions to everyone's needs!

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date: 

Sierhuis, a company in the Dutch city of Alkmaar, increases efficiency and extends its product gamut with the purchase of Summa’s F1832 flatbed finishing system.