Summa Story

Summa’s rich history began in a factory raised in Gistel, Belgium in 1973. The factory was established to assemble high-tech recording devices used in, among other things, the manufacture of precision optical lenses. Summa’s evolution into vinyl imaging started in 1987, when it began modifying pen-plotters for the use in vinyl-cutting applications. That evolution led to what Summa is today: a recognized global leader in vinyl and contour cutting and finishing flatbeds, whilst, at the same time, Summa is growing awareness with its laser solutions, covering the sign, outdoor advertising, and textile markets.

1973The factory of Summa in Belgium opens for the purpose of assembling and distributing analog recorders to the European market.
1987Summa introduces the first generation of vinyl cutting plotters for sign making: the DMP40V and the DMP-65C.
1990The merger with Summagraphics Corp. further establishes the company as a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of vinyl imaging equipment for use in the sign-making market.
1994Summa introduces SummaSign, the world’s first series of high-speed vinyl cutters available in Tangential and Drag-Knife models. Patented tracking technology on SummaSign helps to establish Summa’s reputation for the most accurate tracking plotters in the sign industry.
1995Summa introduces OPOS, an optical positioning system for SummaSign Pro cutters. OPOS puts Summa firmly in the lead for automated contour cutting of printed vinyl graphics in anticipation of the exploding digital printer market. OPOS remains the dominant technology of its kind to this day.
1996Summa introduces the first generation of the SummaCut Series, the world’s first entry-priced vinyl cutters to offer performance that rivals the competition’s high-end cutters.
1999Summa acquires AirMark, Inc., a leading sign supply and equipment dealer in Seattle, Washington, and an innovator in national mail order and Internet distribution to form SummaDirect, the industry’s first manufacturer direct sales channel for vinyl imaging equipment. Summa’s worldwide headquarters relocates to AirMark’s Seattle facility.
2000Summa opens an office in Boston in order to more effectively serve North American and Latin American markets.
2002Summa expands its company-owned factory in Gistel, Belgium in order to broaden manufacturing capacity in anticipation of a new product under development, thus nearly doubling its size.
2005Summa introduces OPOS X, an all-new version of its industry-leading optical positioning system. Among the many enhancements is a new X-sensor, which scans the full light spectrum to enable OPOS X-equipped cutters to precisely locate registration marks on a wide range of printed output, including images with thick over-laminates. The OPOS X system is available exclusively on Summa S Class vinyl cutters.
2007The SummaCut Series is given an extensive redesign with a bold new styling and a vast number of enhancements, the most notable being the addition of the OPOS-X contour cutting alignment. With its premium feature set and extensive model lineup, the SummaCut Series is a performance/price leader bringing strong competition to the pro cutter market.
2008Summa announces OPOS CAM, a revolutionary and highly-advanced contour cutting alignment system for S Class series vinyl cutting plotters. Using intelligent camera optics and camera control software, OPOS CAM has been uniquely designed to meet the demanding needs of wide format graphics companies and inkjet printer manufacturers. The new camera upgrade option significantly increases speed and media options for Summa’s premium line of contour cutting vinyl cutters.
2010Summa launches the F Series F1612, the first extremely versatile and powerful flatbed cutting system, imbued with Summa’s legendary high performance plotting technology. A vast array of modules and tools are also made available to handle the vast landscape of applications and workflows the F Series can accommodate. Coinciding with the launch of the F Series is the release of the SummaFlex Pro front-end application as well as the standard-delivered table control software AxisControl.
2013Summa announces its latest advancement in vinyl cutting technology with the launch of the Summa S Class 2 (S2) product line. The S Class 2 is the next generation of Summa’s world famous wide-format S Class series vinyl cutters. With a host of advancements, it is built upon a foundation of expertise gained from over a quarter-century of manufacturing the world’s highest quality cutting plotters.
2015Summa launches the F Series F2630, big brother of the F1612. The same modules and tools can be used on the F2630 as the ones on the F1612 in order to handle even larger media without compromising on performance and functionality.
2015Summa expands its premises with a new addition to their existing facilities in order to accommodate the significant growth in sales.
2016Summa welcomes the investment company GIMV on board as a new partner in order to achieve increased international growth and optimize the innovation and marketing of our products and services.
2016Summa launches the F Series F1330, the little sibling of the F2630. The F1330 mainly focuses on the processing of rigid board material, cutting vinyl and applications in the traffic sign market. Again the same modules and tools as the ones on the F1612 and F2630 can be used on the F1330.
2017Large Format SummaCut models updated with LAN connection.
2017Summa nv establishes Summa America LLC in Boston to more effectively serve the dealer channel in North and Latin America.
2018Launch of F1832
2018Summa acquires CadCam Technology based in Nottingham, UK, becoming Summa's laser division, expanding business in laser cutting technology for textiles
2018Launch of F3232 and F3220
2019Launch of Summa's very own software GoProduce
2019Launch of the first Summa branded laser L1810
2019Launch of the L3214, highest productivity one can imagine