Fespa Berlin 2018 / Continuous Sheet Feed

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Process multiple sheets!

With an added focus on user-friendliness and, at the same time, keeping Summa quality of paramount importance, the Summa software has become an indispensable piece in the everyday workflow. The following feature will facilitate the processing of multiple sheets.

The Continuous Sheet Feed, which is applicable on the F1612 flatbed finishing system, enables to transport material from the loading area to the working area to be processed automatically and for as many copies as you want.

With the Summa’s extension tables, in front and at the back of the flatbed system, the operator can load and unload material whilst cutting. These extension tables enable to process board material longer than the F1612 working area.  

Thanks to the included Conveyor System, the processed material will be transported into the waste basket or extension table in front, keeping your working space clean at all time. Moreover, the use of both the front and rear extension tables, in combination with the Continuous Sheet Feed, will help optimize yield considerably as this process of loading and unloading can be done repetitively and in complete safety. This will avoid idle periods during the processing of material, which will add significant value to the overall workflow.

If you want to solve production bottlenecks, boost your productivity, increase flexibility and avoid idle periods, the Continuous Sheet Feed is the way to do it!


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