Fespa Berlin 2018 / Poster Trim and Operator Zone

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Optimize your workflow even more

Building robust, reliable, high-end cutting equipment is only one of the many strengths of Summa. A key element to this high-end performance equipment is the Summa software. As time has moved on, the software became more powerful. With an added focus on user-friendliness for the operator and keeping Summa quality of paramount importance, the Summa software has become an indispensable piece in the everyday workflow. 

Following new features have been developed to optimize your workflow:

Poster Trim

This new feature ensures posters can be cut without the need to retrieve any cutting information first. The built-in camera system from the F Series will detect the edges of black printed frames automatically and will start to cut immediately, without operator intervention. 

The Poster Trim functionality is the ideal way to make sure your posters are cut rapidly and accurately with a minimum of manual actions.

Operator Zone

A feature, especially created to optimize workflows and increase productivity substantially. This feature divides the F Series working area into two zones: a cut only zone and an operator zone. The included conveyor system enables to transport all processed material from the cut only zone to the operator zone automatically. As the cutting head won’t go any further than the cut zone, the operator can then safely attend to the processed material at the operator zone.

Consequently, your workflow will be optimized in one swift motion. Lots of precious time will be saved and productivity will be boosted to the max. No hassle whatsoever!

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