Me & My Summa: Window film applications finished to perfection

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CD Design Glasfolie, a Dutch leading specialist in window films, increases its production and expands its business to new markets thanks to the purchase of two F1612 Summa finishing flatbed systems.

The company was founded in 1986 and has two facilities - Genderen and Wijk en Aalburg, The Netherlands. They offer customized window film solutions for automotive and architectural applications to one-man and wholesale businesses. CD Design Glasfolie counts a total of 14 employees, including 8 professionally trained window film specialists, divided between both facilities.

How two Summa flatbeds make the difference

After several years of experience in the sign making market, mainly focusing on striping and signage, CD Design Glasfolie decided to walk the prosperous path of window film and sun protection films. Before, everything was cut manually or with a Summa D160 roll cutter. However, the window film market was growing constantly and the substrates were often too thick to cut with a roll cutter. The purchase of their first flatbed finishing system thus became indispensable very soon. Meanwhile, two F1612 Summa flatbed systems, one in each facility, are part of CD Design’s machine fleet.

John de Bie, CD Design’s company director explains: “To date, we are over the moon with the F1612 purchases. They really are one of the best investments ever made. They helped us to automate our workflow and considerably increase productivity. Additionally, the flatbeds enabled our employees to work a lot more efficiently and finish significantly more jobs per day. Subsequently, our customer database has grown, so we can honestly say ‘sky is the limit’ thanks to these two wonderful Summa flatbeds”.

Especially the durability of Summa’s flatbed finishing systems has been a deciding factor in the purchase. However, also Summa’s leadership in manufacturing high-quality products and their exceptional service were most important factors.

Both the Kiss-cutting and Heavy Duty tool are used on the F1612 flatbeds. The Kiss-cutting tool is used to cut their own vehicle signage, whereas the Heavy Duty tool is used to cut thick(er) window films. John De Bie comments: “Window films are challenging substrates to cut. Window films are transparent, so every minuscule error will be visible. It is therefore important to cut and apply the substrates most accurately. The Summa F1612 flatbed finishing system can do this in a jiffy and simply offers the perfect solution to finish the job.”

CD Design Glasfolie and Vink VTS

It was the company Vink VTS, who took care of the sale and installation of both Summa F1612 finishing systems. CD Design Glasfolie has a long-term business relationship with Vink VTS, which has always been based on mutual trust and respect. According to De Bie, the installations went perfectly and their service before and after, as well.

As wholesale businesses, both Vink VTS and CD Design Glasfolie have the same goal in mind: “Offer customers the best solutions and services possible. This is where Vink VTS and CD Design Glasfolie complement each other perfectly. Whenever a problem arises, Vink VTS will be there to help us find the best solution. Vice versa, if Vink VTS is working on a project and they need advice, then we will give the necessary advice without further obligation. It’s a win-win situation.”

Increasingly more customers find CD Design Glasfolie as the number one specialist in supplying customized window films. “Whether it be sun protection films on buildings, or privacy glass on roughly 4000 vehicles per year, Summa’s F1612 can do the job. Rapidly and accurately. Without exception.”

CD Design, Vink VTS and Summa  

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