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New release 1.7, new benefits (Update 09/2019)

Meanwhile, Summa's software module for the F Series, GoProduce - part of our in-house software platform GoSuite - already proved its added value to many customer workflows. In our pursuit for continuous innovation and improvement, a new software release 1.7 has been launched this month. We recommend users to update their software and start to benefit from the following new features, among others:

  • Support of 5 additional languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish and Chinese
  • Segment connector helping to cut larger formats and seamlessly connect the segments with each other (selectable per tool)
  • Cut-off between jobs, using the tool that is assigned to the thru-cut method
  • Cross marks are added to the list of possible registration marks
  • Material Manager has been updated with new materials and new bits (V-groove, compression bit)
  • Ability to add X and Y as labels to the ruler, to indicate the machine's origin
  • Action to remove layers is enabled

Even though we think it is interesting to know that the software is constantly being improved, read on for the main benefits of GoProduce software.

Every single one of you, working with printed or non-printed materials to cut/finish, knows how vitally important software is to the usability and productivity of your hardware. This is not just a matter of integrating your print and cut workflow. Also, the presence of an intuitive interface, easy navigation and intelligent features help the operator to handle jobs more efficiently.  

Summa recognizes the importance of software that is fully tailored to the hardware. To underline the importance, Summa developed its very own software platform entirely in-house: GoSuite. The first software module within this platform, available as from today, is called GoProduce, which is designed to optimize the F Series users’ workflow.

Smart functionalities at your service 

At first sight, you might think that it is only the intuitive interface with a modern look that makes the GoProduce software unique. However, one of the true strengths of GoProduce are the straightforward action sets, enabling the operator to handle variable jobs in a natural, trouble-free and automated way. In the action sets, various Summa workflows, such as the barcode automation, are ready to be used at a click of a button. To further enhance flexibility, you can adjust many of these action sets to your hand and your needs. 

Besides these time-saving features, GoProduce has even more to offer you: 

  • Flexible and tailored import of files to ensure a smooth print and cut workflow integration
  • Registration of square or round marks, supporting all RIPs and PDF formats
  • Easy learning with integrated tutorials for direct support, also available on Youtube 
  • Extensive material database to your convenience. This feature is able to automatically select the ideal tool and its settings based on the material you have chosen. 

The material database is a vital key to the user-friendliness of the GoProduce software. It includes an extensive range of material types defined by Summa, which can be adapted to your specific needs at all times. The database ensures a smart collaboration between jobs, materials and on-site tools. The material manager works with pre-defined methods, meaning that you only need to choose the material you want to process and the material manager itself automatically chooses the correct tool and its settings to process it with. 

Go and Produce stunning creations today 

The GoProduce software is standard included with every F Series purchase. In case, you are a user of a Summa F Series machine already, you can download a 30-day trial version to explore the many possibilities of GoProduce here. In case you are in possession of the GoProduce software already, you can view tutorials to optimize your GoProduce skills here.

Don't forget to subscribe to Summa's Youtube channel as more tutorials will be released in the nearby future.

So, Go and Produce incredible creations in a most efficient and straightforward way with the software, perfectly tailored to your hardware thanks to Summa GoProduce, part of the GoSuite software platform. The GoSuite software platform is built to support you today and in the future, with many more software solutions to follow.

Tag Summa on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedln or use the hashtag #SummaFinish, so we can see your fantastic creations.  

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