Me & My Summa: Summa F1612 flatbed cutter minimizing lead times at Project One in Italy

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Project One s.r.l. is a young and dynamic company developing medical equipment and is based in Macherio – Italy. Among their products are radiological tables for a wide range of purposes going from veterinary to digital radiology applications. Since January 2020, Project One uses an F1612 Summa flatbed cutter to cut the carbon fibre substrates and parts, used for these medical applications.

Meeting high-quality requirements

Medical equipment is subject to stringent quality and safety requirements. Therefore, each tool or equipment rolling from the production band is subject to extensive test procedures in order to comply with the imposed standards.

In this view, Project One only uses the latest generation technology and first-class equipment with competent construction. Moreover, all their medical tables are completely customizable and they make them according to the customer’s specifications. Now Summa's F1612 flatbed cutter helps the company to achieve its top-notch levels of quality.

Greater precision in cutting

Also, the finishing of the tools and parts of the medical equipment must be impeccable at all times. Each part must be perfectly cut to fit smoothly onto or into the medical equipment. The carbon fibre detector covers, for instance, protect expensive detectors without influencing the quality of the image (X-Ray). These covers must be cut utmost precisely, so there is no safety risk whatsoever and the image taken is clean and flawless at all times.

Mr Giovanni Pagani, President and CEO from Project One states: “Since we started cutting our carbon fibre structures with the Summa F1612 flatbed cutter, we have been able to reduce our production times considerably. Also, the cutting quality of the cut carbon fibre structure parts has improved noticeably. We are now cutting the parts with much greater precision. So the implementation of them onto the medical tables happens effortlessly and accurately.”

Project One and SofTeam

Mr Pagani proceeds: “We took a few years to collect information and discover the available cutting solutions. In 2019, it was clear to us that we had to purchase a flatbed cutter to reduce the cutting time drastically. When googling for a professional cutting plotter, I bumped into Summa. An added perk here was that Summa’s distributor SofTeam is located only about 3 km from our company headquarters. We contacted them and they immediately helped us to evaluate the suitability of the flatbed cutter. Ever since we can rely on their knowledge and expertise whenever necessary.”

Development, design, creativity and quality go hand-in-hand at Project One. The medical world, which is its core industry, is subject to constant innovation. Also, Project One is organized to continuously provide equipment that grows with the changing demands of the industry. We, at Summa, are proud to be part of Project One’s aim to focus on the latest technologies in medical equipment with the highest levels of quality in mind.

NOTE: When cutting carbon fibre it is recommended to use special measures to protect the cutting equipment. Project One keeps the temperature in the working environment low, so the resins don't harden and don't get the chance to damage the equipment.


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