Fine art and printing studio cuts medical protective equipment with Summa’s F1612 flatbed cutter

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It seems like yesterday when Fine Art Printing studio, POV in Los Angeles was busier than ever, printing for artists and photographers. Fast forward, and the company is now manufacturing medical protective equipment (PPE) to assist in the well known and widely reported shortages due to the Coronavirus. 

Soon after the virus breakout, the company realized they had stock on vital material and equipment in their studio to rapidly cut large volumes of fabric, clear vinyl and more. The company teamed up with local vendors and sewing contractors, as well as colleagues and friends. That is how they were able to set up a high-volume production area and manufacture PPE to help out their community. 

Summa F1612 in action to cut protective masks and goggles continuously 

POV uses Summa cutting equipment, including the F1612 flatbed cutter with the High Torque Rotary Module and Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT). By now the studio has cut thousands of face masks, face shields and goggles to supplement shortages in the state of Los Angeles and beyond.  

Jeremy Mora, the Studio’s Owner explainsGiven that our normal operations have been severely disrupted - and instead of laying off our staff and simply closing - we've taken it upon ourselves to continue to employ our staff, so they can help out where it matters the most at this very moment. 

The company published all three designs, as well as their entire supply chain. This wayPOV hopes to inspire other companies with similar machines available to do the same. 

Or as Jeremy Mora would say: “Lets come together and show that Los Angeles can flatten the curve so we can all get back to work. Lets do this. 

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PPE UPDATE // In just one week we’ve gone from initial discussion to design, through several prototypes, and - as of today - into full bulk production. As of today we can complete 1k pairs of PPE goggles per day. Be sure to swipe through this post to see a couple more photos and the finished product. Tomorrow we prepare our first batch for 250 nurses in Downtown LA. After this first batch we’ll be doing a bulk run of MERV15 filters for masks, and clear face shields as well. While all of this is great, there’s still so much work to do and many more refinements to optimize for faster output. We have enough material for about 4 days of solid production, so we still need help from the community to continue to purchase materials. Link in bio for the GoFundMe. Please help us get the word out by sharing this post or the link. THANK YOU so much to everyone who has supported this effort by sharing and donating.

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