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TVE Reclameproducties creates safety products to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Author: Daphne Mertens   Fecha: 

After the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, TVE Reclameproducties – a Dutch signage company active in visual communication – rolled up their sleeves to take action. In these troubled times, the company is now using its resources and skills to create safety equipment and distribute them locally.

"GoProduce" with the right software

Author: Daphne Mertens   Fecha: 

Whenever you feel like optimizing your workflow, facilitating the work of the F Series' operator and, at the same time, securing outstanding rentability at the F Series production sites, you simply cannot ignore Summa's new in-house software module: GoProduce

Graph'Image develops guide to rapidly design protective shields

Author: Daphne Mertens   Fecha: 

Graph'Image - esteemed Summa partner - did not rest on its laurels and developed a guide to rapidly design protective shields in the fight against COVID-19. The guide enables citizens like you and me to make PPE and supplement them to hospitals in their communities.

Europoint tackles the Coronavirus together with suppliers and customers

Author: Daphne Mertens   Fecha: 

Europoint, a Manchester-based trading division of Vink UK ltd is one of those businesses showing solidarity in the fight against COVID-19. The company used their expertise and resources to contribute and support with floor decals to enforce social distancing guidelines. 

Fine art and printing studio cuts medical protective equipment with Summa’s F1612 flatbed cutter

Author: Daphne Mertens   Fecha: 

It seems like yesterday when Fine Art Printing studio, POV in Los Angeles was busier than ever, printing for artists and photographers. Fast forward, and the company is now manufacturing medical protective equipment (PPE) to assist in the well known and widely reported shortages due to Covid-19.