Add more Flex to your Cut!

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How do you add more Flex to your Cut?

FlexCut is an included feature, available on all Summa vinyl plotters, the SummaCut Series and the S Class 2 Series. It was designed to add more flexibility to your production. Summa's FlexCut feature enables you to cut through simple designs in the media, without damaging your roll plotter.

By alternating between cutting through the media and half-cutting the vinyl, the Summa vinyl plotter creates small media "bridges". These bridges allow the cut media to stay together.

With these small bridges and the intelligence behind a Summa vinyl plotter, you can cut a whole row/roll of designs:

  1. that can be taken out with ease
  2. in one simple step (press start and let your Summa plotter do the rest)
  3. without damaging your roll plotter

And if these benefits would not be enough yet, as an added bonus, the FlexCut vinyl roll can easily be transported because the cut designs remain together while the media’s rigidity is maintained.

Use FlexCut on your Summa today!

You can use FlexCut today by following these straightforward actions: 

1. Apply a red colour in your design to the cutting lines that need to be FlexCut. This method enables WinPlot to detect the difference between the data that needs to be FlexCut and the data that needs to be regular cut.  Winplot is a cutting software, included with every Summa vinyl plotter.  

The software will send the data that needs to be contour cut first and will then activate FlexCut in order to alternate between cutting through and partially cutting through. While doing so, it will create a tear-off line. 

2. Set the FlexCut parameters on your Summa vinyl plotter for optimal results. These parameters are important and need to be adjusted to the media that needs to be cut through. The configuration can vary, depending on what series you own, the SummaCut or S Class 2 Series. We refer to the Summa manual for detailed information.

For more information about Summa’s world-renowned vinyl plotters, the S Class 2 Series or the SummaCut Series, visit


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