Get up to speed with the F-Performance mode

Author: Daphne Mertens   Date:    Temps de lecture: 1 minute   A+
Categories: Flatbed Cutters / Finishing Systems

F-Performance mode: fast as greased lightning!

Did you ever wonder how to accelerate your workflow at blistering speed without compromising an inch on quality? Well, it's time to stop wondering and start enjoying the benefits of the F-performance mode, which is applicable on all sizes of our F Series flatbed finishing systems. 

With the F-Performance mode, the overall performance of the F Series flatbed systems will be increased with practically 40%. Advantages include faster up, down and turning movements of the cutting head, which will be most remarkable when using the Kiss-cutting tool. Also, during the feed of material, there will be a significant amount of time saved. As such, the job with the Kiss-cutting tool will be finished practically twice as fast without compromising an inch on quality. It goes without saying that performance with the other tools will also increase considerably, so you can truly skyrocket production to unprecedented heights, no matter what tool you use.

Get higher speed on your F Series today

The F-Performance mode is available as free unlock on new machines via and as payable unlock on older F Series models, built before 2018. Once you activate the F-Performance mode, it will be set as standard mode.

So, go ahead and exceed speed limits before the ink goes dry! Smoothen your workflow and place your production process in the fast lane with the incredibly fast F-Performance mode.


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